Action Movie Review Vishal has once again made his debut

copyrightAction Movie Review Vishal has once again made his debut

Vishal means Tamil and Telugu fans. His films are also good collection here. Vishal is releasing films here with the same belief. The action film which he is now appearing in is also in front of the audience. Let's see what it is.

The story:

Subhash (Vishal) Army Colonel Officer. His family is in politics. Subhash's father is the chief minister. His elder brother Shravan (Ranki) is the future chief minister. Everything is a happy family. He also returns home after completing a mission in the military. The wedding itself is settled. Subhash falls in love with relatives girl Meera (Aishwarya Lakshmi). While everything goes smoothly, the prime minister comes to a political party meeting. 

The same meeting also includes the Subhash family. Bomb Blast takes place shortly after Shravan was announced as the chief ministerial candidate. Bombing the prime ministerial candidate Guptaji. It is rumored that the Subhash family killed the prime ministerial candidate. How to get his family out of it .. Shravan dies in the same hour. This is the true story of what happened with fellow officer Tamanna.


Director Sundar said that the film is similar to the title. The film from the first scene, as well as the screen. The action sequence, especially in the first shot, has a burst of action. He was interested. Vishal, Tamanna chasing someone .. Killing the real story begins. Flashback also started with interesting director Sunder. Until then, the action story is going to be a bit of a political family drama. Director Sunder, who seemed to be a routine, pushed the film with an interesting story. 

Politics... He showed all the moves, conspiracies, bomb blasts. Again, Terrorism was also added to the action story as a perfect action drama. The second half is entirely like Gopichand's Chanakya movie. The story goes to Pakistan, where a terrorist is hiding. For those who have not seen the film, the action festival. All the scenes almost look like copy paste. Sundar could not take any precautions in this regard. Maybe Chanakya director Thiru and Sundar think the same thing. Even with the screenplay as a high action entertainer, there is still plenty of predictability. This film connects well to those who love action movies even if the logic misses many places in the screenplay. Vishal Chemistry didn't work out much with Tamanna... They looked more like a military couple than Premajanta.


Vishal hit another once again. There is nothing new about his performance. Especially in action scenes. Another Range Vishal appeared. Tamanna is also a glamor show. The action scenes also did well. Aishwarya Lakshmi is also not. Well done for as long as possible. Senior actors like Ranki were also impressed.

Technical Team:

The Dudley Cinematography Workshop is awesome. He has thoroughly explored places in many countries. He is also very beautiful with the action scenes in the film and the rest of the scenes. Srikanth's editing is also very good. Otherwise, some scenes seemed to stretch. Action lengthened. If Dream... Looks good. Music director Hip-hop Tamiza has once again scored a background score, but the songs are poor.
The film is about whether Sundar C will make similar films. He made another step as a director, but it would be nice if he still took care of the story.

Rating: 2.75 / 5


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