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Frozen 2 Movie Review:- When Frozen was released in 2013, few could imagine that Disney Animation Studios could match the success of Pixar movies. Not only that, but until recently it has been the highest-grossing animated film in history. Winner of two Oscars (Best Animated Film and Best Original Song for Let It Go). With such a reputation, developing a sequel can be considered a guarantee of success, but also a risk in the face of the challenge of overcoming the first (which should be the goal of every sequel).

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After a first film inspired by the story of The Snow Queen by Hans Christian Andersen, now it's time to leave the theme of Ugly Duckling and that what makes us different also makes us unique beings for a more classic fantasy story, in the one that Elsa and Anna have to discover the reason for an ancient curse that has caused an enchanted forest, The Forest of Spirits, to be covered with an intraspasable fog.

In this way, we have the peculiar group of Olaf, Sven, Kristoff, and Anna as Elsa squires, in a story in which we will know the origins of their magical powers and what caused it to be so special. Although the Frost Queen is the great protagonist, the rest of the cast is a little more coral, with Anna being once again the daughter we would all want to have, and Olaf dealing with getting older and Kristoff wanting to live up to her real courtship. Hell, if even Sven has his great moments and is still a dumb reindeer.

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Being 'Let it go' one of the most catchy musical themes in the long history of Disney, the bar was quite high and became a crucial point in a tape that leaves few pauses between song and song, to the point that we consider that abuses a little with so many songs in just 100 minutes. We can say that Josh Gad was right, they are very catchy and we all like them, but there is not a single issue that manages to run as a successor of 'Let go'. Also, it happens as with the participation in the plot, everyone has their moment of brilliance in acting. Kristoff finally has his own theme.

In general, we are facing a more mature history, which focuses on different feelings that may arise at the beginning of adulthood. It is as if he had matured much more than his characters and tried to connect with the 6 years that have passed for the audience of the first, although the plot has only advanced half.

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As we said, even Arendelle is in the background. The line of succession was resolved in the first and between Anna and Elsa, there are no disputes in that regard. Both are a pack that seeks the best for their Kingdom as well as for the other. Elsa remains a Disney icon in terms of independence. Its plot has to do with origins, with self-knowledge, but the study never falls into the error of giving a purpose to its journey beyond itself and the fact that "great power implies great responsibility."

Although one can see the first one today and continue marveling at the quality of the animation (we have done it to refresh ourselves with the history of the first one), this second one is at an even better level, without leaving Frozen: The ice kingdom. The team has chosen to delve deeper into contemporary Norse mythology (calm, Thor will not appear) and present places in Scandinavian areas. Fjords, glaciers, waterfalls, trees, flowers, etc. are hyperrealistic, which combined with the powers of Elsa and her magic.

Josh Gad embroiders it as Olaf.
More prominence for Kristoff.
Anna and Elsa are still loved and the best sisters of the
history of cinema.
Musical themes at a great level ...

... although there is no new 'Let it go'.
Perhaps he abuses using too many songs at inappropriate times.

The verdict
Frozen 2 has all the ingredients that made the first a success that overcame the barrier of $ 1 billion in revenue. It has a more choral cast in this second installment, so it's hard not to find a character you can't identify with. Intelligently


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