Why the "Star Wars" movie by Kevin Feige may not come at all

copyrightWhy the "Star Wars" movie by Kevin Feige may not come at all

Marvel mastermind and "Avengers" boss Kevin Feige makes a "Star Wars" movie? Before hyperventilating, we would like to commemorate all the announced and planned "Star Wars" projects that did not come.

It's that time again: A Hollywood industry magazine stirs up the fans with a message about a new "Star Wars" project in turmoil. This time, the prospect is indeed particularly beautiful: Comic and "Star Wars" fan Kevin Feige, who led the Marvel Cinematic Universe to unprecedented success, has accordingly with Lucasfilm boss Kathleen Kennedy and the Disney film chiefs about a "Star Wars "movie that he could produce and that may appear in 2022, following the" Star Wars "break beginning after" Episode 9: The Rise of Skywalker ".

Fig would certainly be the right choice for such a job. But a look into the recent past shows that a new "Star Wars" project has been announced or leaked does not mean anything.

After Lucasfilm was taken over by Disney, "Star Wars" should be continued in two directions: with the saga films "Star Wars 7", "Star Wars 8" and "Star Wars 9" - and with the spin-offs. Financially, the company was very good overall, some fans were angered, but many spectators were satisfied. But behind the scenes, it rumbled as under the hood of the Millennium Falcon just before the TÜV. Creative differences at every turn - and many changes to the plan!


In "Star Wars 7" the original screenwriter Michael Arndt (Oscar for "Little Miss Sunshine") said goodbye because he did not submit the script fast enough. Star Wars 9 was not supposed to be by J.J. Abrams, but by "Jurassic World" man Colin Trevorrow be staged and written - at least until someone at Lucasfilm had read his first screenplay.

At the spin-off "Rogue One", director and scriptwriter Gareth Edwards was virtually replaced by Tony Gilroy at the end of the main shoot to re-spin the essential part of the film - and at second spin-off "Solo", directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller was even publicly fired after having already had significant parts in the box (Ron Howard basically re-shot the movie). Oh, and Josh Trank ("Fantastic Four") had to leave just before his "Boba Fett" spin-off could be unveiled.


While we're about to commemorate the "Boba Fett" movie, we also want to remember the polished "Obi-Wan" movie (which is now going to be a series on the Disney + streaming service, with Ewan McGregor). Basically, the whole project has done "spin-offs" after "Solo" is the first "Star Wars" movie (not including the animated "The Clone Wars") that was financially disappointing. Then, Kathleen Kennedy put the entire plan for future films to the test, and Disney boss Bob Iger made the point that too many "Star Wars" films were released. This is why there is a break in the cinema until 2022 - and for the time being, Kennedy is considering something.

The meeting with Marvel film boss Kevin Feige fits in perfectly with these considerations: So maybe a "Star Wars" movie that goes back to an idea by Feige's and is produced by him (he would write scripts and directors, like Marvel ). But not only given the past is skepticism announced:

For the time after "Star Wars 9" two new film series is officially announced, films by the "Game Of Thrones" makers David Benioff and D.B. Weiss and a new trilogy of "Star Wars 8" director Rian Johnson. The "GoT" -makers, however, have come under fire after the controversial eighth season and have signed a big deal with Netflix - and Rian Johnson tells his project for a long time basically nothing else than that he is still at the beginning (recently he also said that Lucasfilm is in a state of flux).

So no observer should be surprised if in the end neither the Benioff / Weiss movies, nor the Johnson trilogy, nor the fig movie come. But that's not too bad: The change of plan is part of the DNA of "Star Wars" - George Lucas also changed behind the scenes cheerfully staff and ideas (for example, the first script went to "The Empire Strikes Back", written by Leigh Brackett, almost completely in the bin). But in the end, one of the best, most influential and popular movie series of all time was created, which continues to give the author of these lines constant goosebumps.


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