The next Stephen King film adaptation on Netflix: Trailer for "In the Tall Grass"

copyrightThe next Stephen King film adaptation on Netflix: Trailer for "In the Tall Grass"

With "The Game", "1922" and the series "The Fog" Netflix has already produced three King adaptations. With "In the Tall Grass" follows on October 4, 2019, another - here is the first trailer:

Horror master Stephen King or rather adaptations of his countless works are presently again omnipresent.

Mainly responsible for this: the great success of "IT" in 2017, whose sequel "IT Chapter 2" is currently also very successful in the cinemas. And Netflix also wants something from the King cake and so appears with "In The Tall Grass" - the original English title of "In Tall Grass" - after "1922" and "The Game" soon the third film of the streaming provider based on a King story.

THAT'S WHY IN "In the Tall Grass"

Siblings Cal and Becky DeMuth drive straight through Kansas on a relaxed road trip as they suddenly hear cries for help from a boy at the edge of a field. They go after the screaming - but after a short time, they are lost In the Tall Grass of the field, while the calls become more and more desperate. The field turns out to be an inescapable labyrinth, lurking in untold dangers ...

"In the Tall Grass" is based on the eponymous short story by Stephen King and his son Joseph, who writes under the pseudonym Joe Hill. Directed by Vincenzo Natali, who staged the cult horror movie "Cube" over 20 years ago. Best-known actor in the Netflix movie is Patrick Wilson ("Aquaman").

"In the Tall Grass" will be available from 4 October 2019 on the streaming platform.


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