"The Lord of the Rings" series: Amazon confirms great news for all fans of the movies

copyright"The Lord of the Rings" series: Amazon confirms great news for all fans of the movies

Where series and films are shot, usually the least interested. However, Amazon's "The Lord of the Rings" series looks quite different. How good that we can tell you more about it now...

Whether this is good news or bad news from Middle-earth is certainly in the eye of the beholder. However, fans of The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit films directed by Peter Jackson are likely to enjoy the news that has reached us. Amazon's The Lord of the Rings series is shot in New Zealand - where both sets of films were made.

If this tweet seems a bit too poor as a confirmation for a New Zealand shoot, the statement by showrunners Patrick McKay and J.D. Payne recommended. In it, the two series makers explain that they were looking for a Middle-earth in the Second Age for a majestic place with pristine shores, forests, and mountains, in addition to the first-class seats, studios and highly skilled craftsmen and other staff. The solution seems obvious: "We are pleased to officially confirm that we are home to New Zealand for our series adaptation of fantasy novels by J.R.R. Tolkien, The Lord of the Rings' have found ".


Accurate information about the location was so far in short supply. New Zealand, Scotland or a different place? Most of the clues were rumors. In Scotland allegedly the Leith Studios have already been booked for five years - to match the planned five seasons. These are obviously not needed.

As J.R.R. Incidentally, Tolkien probably did not think about Scotland or New Zealand. He is said to have been inspired by the nature of Iceland and the god's saga "Edda". Tolkien himself never traveled the island in the North Atlantic but was told by his Icelandic housekeeper about the nature of the volcanic island.


Amazon has not yet told much about the plot of the upcoming series - secrecy is very important here! It is only known that history will play in the Second Age. However, this covers a total of 3441 years and therefore offers plenty of room for a variety of Middle-earth adventures. We assume that the rise and fall of Númenor, a star-shaped island between Middle-earth and the western continent of Aman, could play a role. Also, Sauron, whose power is being strengthened at this time, could be the subject of the series.

The first episodes of Amazon's The Lord of the Rings series are expected in 2021.


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