"Spider-Man" remains part of the MCU: That's behind the deal between Marvel and Sony

copyright"Spider-Man" remains part of the MCU: That's behind the deal between Marvel and Sony

After the negotiations between Sony and Marvel on the film rights to "Spider-Man" failed initially, both studios have now agreed. That's behind the last-minute deal.

That came as a surprise: after Sony and Marvel were unable to agree on extending their collaboration in August, and Spider-Man, who is currently being played by Tom Holland, was suddenly no longer part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the studios have finally come to an agreement. Marvel and Kevin Feige will produce the third film with Tom Holland scheduled for release on July 16, 2021. Also, popular Wandkrabbler will occur in yet another MCU film.

Which movie that will be, is not yet known - but there is definitely the chance to say goodbye to Peter Parker from the MCU. So far, it looked as if the last in "Spider-Man: Far From Home" still knitted threads are all abruptly cut off and he soon only part of Sony's own Marvel universe of "Spider-Man" figures be.

According to the current state, this will also be the case after the third "Spider-Man" and the other still pending appearance - unless, Marvel and Sony sit down again in the coming years at the table and achieve a further agreement.


The reason why Marvel and Sony got their hands on future "Spider-Man" movies was the money. Previously, it looked like Disney subsidiary Marvel had mastermind Kevin Feige in full creative control, while Sony was fully charged. Disney got for it 5% of all revenue. At these conditions, Sony would have extended the expired after "Far From Home" contract - but the Mickey Mouse Group suddenly wanted to be significantly more involved in sales. Allegedly, the Disney representatives have proposed to divide costs and income 50/50 from now on. Also, she had desired to extend the deal on the deal on the other Sony films with "Spider-Man" figures - so could "Venom" come to the MCU.

Understandably, Sony had no interest in doing so - after all, they would have had to share the gigantic revenue ($ 1.1 billion on "Far From Home"). Sharing the production budget (about 160 million) would have been but a small consolation. But as Variety reports, both studios are now very close. Sony Pictures boss Tim Rothman, Kevin Feige and Disney studio boss Alan Horn had agreed to the industry magazine said in a meeting on the night of September 26 to 27, that Disney and Marvel about 25% of the revenue of third movie and the merchandise rights remain with them.

Any fans who had already stormed after the preliminary MCU-release of "Spider-Man" and loudly shrieked their displeasure about it, can now breathe again and look forward to summer 2021 when the Cliffhanger from the post Credit scene of "Spider-Man: Far From Home" is still dissolved.


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