Rajnikanth's film Robot 2.0, 'Bahubali 2' was also completely flopped in China.

copyrightRajnikanth's film Robot 2.0, 'Bahubali 2' was also completely flopped in China.

India's two biggest blockbuster films could not show anything special in China. It is considered a major setback in mainstream cinema's attempt to gain a foothold in the Chinese market. S. starring Rajnikanth and Akshay Kumar. Shankar's film 'Robot 2.0' did a great domestic business in Hindi, Tamil, and Telugu versions. However, on September 6, the film was released in China which was a complete flop. The film made a mere Rs 22 crore in its first week in the Chinese market.

'Baahubali 2: The Conclusion' (Baahubali 2), released in China on May 2018 before '2.0' (Robot 2.0), also did not appeal to the audience. Rajamouli's film was able to earn only Rs 52 crore since its release. The film failed to pull the audience to theaters.

Trade expert Girish Johar said, "They failed to earn what they were expecting. Both of these films failed here despite the best performance in India. Chinese audiences could not connect themselves to their stories. The box of both films There was a good start at the office, which proves that there was curiosity about them, but after this people lost their interest because in China National audience could not connect themselves with their stories. "


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