After "The Jungle Book": So it should continue in "The Jungle Book 2"

copyrightAfter "The Jungle Book": So it should continue in "The Jungle Book 2"

"The Jungle Book" sequel has already been announced. And for that, the creators could fall back on old Disney plans...

Just three years before the immense success of the Disney real-life adaptation "The Lion King", director Jon Favreau ("Iron Man") ventured to an animal Disney classic.

In 2016, the real-movie adaptation of "The Jungle Book" was so successful at both the box office and the critics that plans for a sequel were forged shortly after the start. And for these, there is interesting, long-forgotten material on which the filmmakers can rely.


Contrary to previous adaptations of Rudyard Kipling's short story jungle books, Mogli (Neel Sethi) in The Jungle Book does not leave the rainforest after his victory over Shir Khan (Idris Elba) but stays with his friends Balu (Bill Murray) and Baghira (Ben Kingsley). A clipping-plot for a second film that could portray Mogli's development towards a human village with new adventurers. Although not much has been said about the sequel since 2016, is according to Slash film since 2018, a script by the author Justin Marks ready for filming.

He not only took inspiration from other elements of Kipling's works but also the jungle book script by Bill Peet. Peet had for the animated classic from the year 1967, a rather grim story analogous to the book in mind. Studio boss Walt Disney rejected this, however, in favor of a funnier version. It came to a dispute between the two men and Peet left at the end of the Walt Disney Studios.

Peet's script, from which some ideas have already been used in "The Jungle Book", represents the character of the Monkey King Louie much nastier than in cartoons. The treasures under the fortress of the giant monkey meanwhile become the life goal of the greedy human hunter Buldeo, which appears also in the Disney Real film from the year 1994. Buldeo forces Mogli to help him get the gold and gems and plans to burn down the rainforest. Monkey, Treasure, and Fortress have already been introduced in "The Jungle Book" - so it's not far-fetched to assume that this plot could also make it in "The Jungle Book 2".

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Peet's script also draws many credits from the Kipling stories Letting In The Jungle and The King's Ankus, in which Mogli must also forcibly restore the balance between humans and animals. A popular and barely filmed Mogli tale is also "Red Dog" in which the jungle and wolf pack are attacked by wild red dogs.

In any case, the still unadapted jungle book stories and Peet's gloomy script provide the opportunity to give snake Kaa (Scarlett Johansson), King Louie (Christopher Walken) and the elephants more space, which is "The Jungle Book" unfortunately come up short is.

Incidentally, Favreau has already proven that he likes to rely on old Disney material. With the rhinos Rocky, he added a character back into his film, which had fallen in 1967 in the original scissors. We can, therefore, be curious about what creates Peet's script in the sequel. "The Jungle Book 2", of whatever originals, is expected for 2021 at the earliest.


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