'Joker': The director has no plans to make a sequel

copyright'Joker': The director has no plans to make a sequel

Joker, the film about the origins of Prince Clown of Crime, is here to stay. The film, starring Joaquin Phoenix, terrifies in Indian movie theaters on October 4 and many are the ones who can't wait to see it after winning the Golden Lion at the Venice Film Festival. Its success seems somewhat assured, especially at the box office, but will the good data on the tape mean that there will be a sequel? We are sorry to disappoint you, but its director Todd Phillips has already announced that he does not plan to make a second installment.

The filmmaker has been present in one of the passes of the film and has clarified the comments he already made about a possible Joker 2. "The statement was: 'I will do whatever Joaquin wants to do. I will. But the film is not made to a sequel, "he recalls about his words to add in the event (via Screen Rant) that Joker always" presented himself "as a single-delivery movie.

There is little left to see the final result of this film and if the fans of the DC villain will want a sequel. The truth is that the film could arouse some controversy because it is not faithful to the comics of which it has based its protagonist.

On the other hand, although the film is starring this iconic character and also appears a young Bruce Wayne and his father Thomas Wayne, the film is not part of the timeline of Justice League and does not have The Joker of that history, the same one that Jared Leto interpreted in Suicide Squad. There is also a new Dark Knight in the franchise that Robert Pattinson will bring to life in The Batman after Ben Affleck leaves.

This seems to imply that, after the bad decisions that have caused the negative reviews of several of the films, they are now looking to make a 'reboot' of the whole franchise less than what has worked for them as the Wonder Woman of Gal Gadot that premieres sequel , Wonder Woman 1984, on June 5, 2020 in the United States. All this could make more than one thing that The Phoenix Joker and the Pattinson Batman will be on the big screen in the future, but Phillips himself has already denied this.

It is still too early to guess where this new path of the DC film universe is heading. Meanwhile, enjoy the Joker trailer that you will find on these lines.


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