First reactions to "Gemini Man": The best 3D ever?

copyrightFirst reactions to "Gemini Man": The best 3D ever?

Ang Lee's "Gemini Man" will only be released in cinemas around the world in early October, but some media outlets have already seen the movie and shared their opinions on social media. In one thing, everyone agrees: the 3D effects convince.

In "Gemini Man," director Ang Lee ("Life Of Pi," "Tiger And Dragon") unleashes a computer-generated, 23-year-old Will Smith, and his real, 50-year-old counterpart. Instead of rejuvenating Smith via de-aging technology, as is done with actors in films such as "IT Chapter 2" or "The Irishman," the engineering department behind "Gemini Man" re-created the Hollywood star completely on the computer. A method that is not only appreciated by experts but probably at least the audience will blow out of the pines.

The first media representatives who have already seen "Gemini Man" seem to agree on at least the point that Ang Lee has made a technical milestone and it is a real pleasure to see the two Will Smith 'together on the screen. The risky decision of Lee to show the film at 120 frames per second, seems to be quite popular and also the often perceived as unnecessary use of 3D technology is celebrated by the Twitter votes. Many even go so far as to claim that "Gemini Man" is the first movie that must be experienced in 3D.


Devindra Hardavar, co-host of the / movie podcasts, credits the film for being as groundbreaking as James Cameron's "Avatar":

"I'm shaking with excitement after the introduction of 'Gemini Man'. The film uses 120 FPS and 3D to create some of the most exciting action sequences I've seen in years. I'm glad that Ang Lee has returned to the action genre, the choreography is so intense because it looks so realistic.

The script is a bit generic, but I think the show and Will Smith's performance make up for it. As for groundbreaking visual experiments, this movie feels as important as 'Avatar'. The high frame rate has been greatly improved compared to 'The Mad Hero Tour of Billy Lynn' and the young CG-Smith looks surprisingly realistic. "

Even Max Evry of highlights the action scenes and calls them "breathtaking":

"Ang Lee's 'Gemini Man' marks a huge breakthrough for presentation at 120 frames per second. Action scenes are stunning in the format. Will Smith's engaging performance shows the level of control a real movie star is capable of. If you do not see this movie in the movies, you are truly missing an experience. "

Brent Lang of Variety joins the general tenor that seeing the technique on-screen is a clear movie highlight:

"I just saw Gemini Man. Ang Lee provides a good argument for 3D and high frame rates, especially when it comes to action scenes. Do not look at the 2D version. He admits that the technology is still in its infancy, but it works better here than 'Billy Lynn' and deserves to be seen. "

Syfywire's Jordan Zakarin even felt like part of the movie through technology:

"I just saw the final cut of Ang Lee's 'Gemini Man' and he's probably the only movie I've ever seen that absolutely has to be seen in 3D (and possible in 4K as well). I've never seen anything like it - I felt like I was in the movie myself. "

With all the praise for the technique and lead actor Will Smith resonates with criticism of the story that "Gemini Man" ultimately tells. Michael Reyes of Cinemablend was also less impressed with the technology than his colleagues:

"'Gemini Man' is an interesting variation of a Bourne-Esque myth with additional science-fiction filming. He is interesting but needs a little more story to dive into. Entertaining set pieces, but a bit thin, if one looks at the overall picture.

We also watched the movie in 120 FPS and 3D. He's sharp and bright, as a good 3D movie has to be, but he does not break the frame like 'Billy Lynn' did. "

"Gemini Man" starts on October 11, 2019, in Indian cinemas.


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