IT Chapter 2: So much influence did Stephen King have

copyrightIT Chapter 2: So much influence did Stephen King have

In the run-up to "IT 2," it was said that Stephen King had approved the script and even added a new scene himself. But is that true?

It was a headline that caused a sensation in the run-up to the theatrical release of "IT Chapter 2": Stephen King, who is known to rant against the Stanley-Kubrick masterpiece since the release of "Shining" because he does not like the adaptation of his story so enthusiastic about "IT" that he even suggested a "completely new scene" for the second part of the film adaptation and wrote it himself.

But actually, it is probably a misunderstanding. The interview excerpts from the magazine Total Film, which spread mainly through Syfy Wire, really sound as if King personally wrote a scene for "IT 2", which does not exist in the book. However, as director Andy Muschietti has since clarified to Collider, that was not the case: "I just showed him the script, because I wanted to know what he thinks about it." King then proposed only a few scenes that he likes in the movie would see.


But what scenes were that exactly? Muschietti also answered this question to his colleague: "He is a fan of Paul Bunyan [the lumberjack] and especially of how Paul Bunyan chases the little Richie." The fact that King had just wished for this moment was great because he was himself in the Bunyan scene was still undecided. But after King pronounced that as well, he was happy to plan the scene (in "IT 2", however, adult Richie is chased by the giant, living statue of Bunyan).

"The other scene is the one with the rolling riser at the end of the book as Derry sinks into a big hole and everything is flooded," continued Muschietti. "There is a scene where a riser collapses and rolls down a hill and off For some reason, this is one of Stephens favorite episodes in the book. "However, King did not want to fulfill that wish because he wanted to end" IT 2 "on a" more emotional, intimate note. "And besides, this huge destruction scene would have that consumed half the budget for visual effects. "


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