FSK age rating for "Joker" is clear: So hard is the DC drama with Joaquin Phoenix

copyrightFSK age rating for "Joker" is clear: So hard is the DC drama with Joaquin Phoenix

Recently, "Joker" had to put up with Joaquin Phoenix because of his portrayal of violence and the risk of imitation in the public debate much criticism. Now the FSK has decided how many years the film has been released ...

The fact that Batman's archenemy Joker is not to be trashed when it comes to brutality, we know since "The Dark Knight". Just like the Christopher Nolan film with the legendary Heath Ledger as the clown Prince of Crime, the psycho-drama "Joker" by director Todd Phillips of the FSK has now been approved for ages 16 and up - and by the way, the Scorcese classic " Taxi Driver "with Robert De Niro, who served as an obvious role model.

The development of the failed Arthur Fleck (Joaquin Phoenix) from the outsider comedian to the insane criminal will therefore also include some drastic scenes. That's why in the US, Joker even got an R rating that barred adolescents under 17 years of age from being accompanied by adults. This makes "Joker" after "Watchmen" and "V for Vendetta" only the third based on a DC comic film, which receives such a high rating.


In recent weeks, the much-praised (we are one of the few exceptions) "Joker", who won the main prize at the Venice Film Festival and is firmly on Oscar course, increasingly because of his violence in the criticism. Phillips wanted to use "Joker" to stage an innovative comic book adaptation, an intense and realistic portrait of the psychic breakdown of a failed existence. Only some voices fear that this portrayal could lead to imitators among people who feel similar.

Recently, for example, the relatives of the victims of the massacre of Aurora in 2012 in an open letter drew attention to this possibility. Whatever the reason for this debate, it seems certain that even after the theatrical release and with the current FSK release of "Joker", it will not be over all of a sudden.

"Joker" runs from October 4, 2019, in the Indian movie theaters.


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