'A quiet place 2', closer to reaching cinemas: John Krasinski confirms the end of filming

copyright'A quiet place 2', closer to reaching cinemas: John Krasinski confirms the end of filming

The director has announced in this way that the continuation of the horror tape begins post-production.

A quiet place was one of the highest-grossing horror movies of 2018. With those collection figures, the sequel was very likely and did not take long to confirm. At the end of April, the same month it was released, they declared that they were already working on it and now, just over a year later, they have finished filming.

John Krasinski has published on his official Twitter account that the recording of A Quiet Place: Part II has come to an end. In the image, Krasinski appears holding the hand of Emily Blunt, the protagonist of the film and his wife in real life, on the bridge they also use in the first installment. In this way, they end a shoot that began on July 15 in New York.

The movie is still far from ready. Now several months of postproduction begin until you are ready for your arrival in theaters, scheduled for March 20, 2020.

The plot of the film is not entirely clear. At first, co-screenwriter Scott Beck stated that there were many stories that could be told and it all summed up to the following question: "Who are the characters of this and what does that situation mean for the dynamics?" Blunt added sometime later that "it is not a sequel", but "the second book of a literary saga. It is an extension of the world." Therefore, it seems clear that the film will review a very different situation.

As for the protagonists, for a few months, it was not entirely clear that the sequel was going to focus on the same family. What is confirmed is that Blunt appears on the tape, which is still confusing. With all this, we can summarize that the actors will repeat under the orders of Krasinski but they will present us with a different episode of this particular universe.


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