A great comeback in the trailer for 'El Camino A Breaking Bad Movie'

copyrightA great comeback in the trailer for 'El Camino A Breaking Bad Movie'

We will return to the drug trafficking universe on October 11. This time in the feature film version.

El Camino, the movie that continues the events of Breaking Bad, caught us all off guard and if you thought there was little chance of Walter White returning in this feature film, get ready to watch the trailer that Netflix has just released. This preview gives us an in-depth look at what is to come and ends with a simple question that will thrill any Heisenberg fan: "Ready?" Although it is not clear that he is - or how he will return - that tone of voice fits perfectly with the character that Bryan Cranston brought to fame.

As we say, we do not know the true identity of the person who appears in the last frames, but we all hope that Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul) can lead a quiet life. A few weeks ago, Netflix published a summary of all the misfortunes that White's henchman had to go through. From the death of his girlfriend Jane until the murder of Gale Boetticher. And the truth is that this boy deserves a break.

This breakthrough comes the same week we have known that Mike Ehrmantraut will be one of the ten characters that will return. Jonathan Banks has confirmed that he will have a role in the film directed by Vince Gilligan. Next to him will return Matt Jones, who will resume his role as Badger, and Charles Baker, who will be Skinny Pete.

El Camino: a Breaking Bad movie premieres on October 11.


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