Too tricky for Disney: Deadpool and Jojo Rabbit worry the management

copyrightToo tricky for Disney: Deadpool and Jojo Rabbit worry the management

In an internal screening of Taika Waititis Hitler's satire "Jojo Rabbit", in which the Fox Searchlight-produced work was presented to the management of the new parent company, made the events on the screen for an outcry.

Even though there have been Nazis in Disney films when they were up to mischief in Europe before and during World War II, the mice company's management now appears concerned that the release of Taika Waitit's Third Reich satire "Jojo Rabbit "Could harm the image of the company. The Fox Searchlight project was taken over by Disney when buying Fox and presented to some higher-level employees during an internal demonstration.

From a report by Variety, it now appears that satire not only met with love. So it says there that what was shown was "audibly unpleasant" to a spectator. The Disney employee in question expressed concerns during the show that the content of the film might offend Disney fans. Any measures that are taken or could be in the conversation, called the article not.

JOJO RABBIT | Official Teaser [HD] | FOX Searchlight


Variety sees this incident as just a symptom of the larger issues Disney faces with its acquisition of Fox. To unite the philosophies of the two studios is one of the tasks facing the group now. For example, it still has to be decided how to proceed under Disney with the known for violence and delinquencies "Deadpool" series. "Deadpool 3" is supposed to come, but the studio is still looking for a suitable way in which the superhero can appear in both the family-friendly "Avengers" movies and adult-only solo adventures.

Another task was to decide what to do with each of the various stages of development projects started under Fox and now to be released under the Disney flag. Most recently, the group made almost only losses with the Fox films, especially the mega-flop "X-Men: Dark Phoenix", which could bring in a budget of 200 million US dollars, only about 250 million. Considering the additional costs for marketing and co., One can figure out that Disney should be anything but satisfied with this result.

"Jojo Rabbit" is supposed to come to the cinema on January 23, 2020, in this country.


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