Secretly, silently surfacing on Netflix: One of the most exciting and disturbing films of 2018!

copyrightSecretly, silently surfacing on Netflix: One of the most exciting and disturbing films of 2018!

If Netflix also publishes "more difficult" (or otherwise "more exciting") movies, then that's not always mentioned in the monthly announcements - and they're not necessarily on the Netflix homepage either ...

If you want to sprinkle on Netflix, then you will immediately find something - before princess kitsch on the TV movie of the week level, you can save yourself at the streaming giant finally barely. But then, when a really good, the off-the-cinematographic film appears, it's better to hide it - it could so disturb a random viewer that he announces his subscription because of fright.

This fate has now also suffered the new film directed by provocateur Gaspar Noé ("Irreversible"): After a significant award and enthusiastic film criticism at the Cannes Film Festival, "Climax" was released last Thursday in Germany at Netflix - and without any sound!

By contrast, "Climax" itself can not be said to be "without any muck"! But on the contrary! As we conclude in the official FILM STARTS review, "Climax" is a "95-minute cinematic intoxication, a rousing excess that defies convention. And under the experimental surface, the director negotiates the big issues of sex and drugs, life and death. "

That's what Climax is about:

A 21-member dance group is quartered in a remote practice center to prepare for a forthcoming tour. In the evening, the young dancers and dancers celebrate a lavish party with lots of sangria and electronic music. But someone has put the punch with LSD - and so the following night gradually mutates into an electro-drowned hell-trip: Panic spreads among the young artists, subliminal aversion is making its way to the surface, harmless affection becomes dangerous desire ...

The top maxim of Netflix is ​​obviously just to hurt no one. Of course, such a promise can not be met by "Climax" - some will love him, others will hate him. But that's a lot better than a movie that everyone finds so mediocre and forgotten after the credits. "Climax" is finally a Netflix movie again, which is not only there to watch the next one immediately; who does not just overrun one, but does something with one. An intoxication of techno and drugs - thanks to Netflix free and at no extra cost, even if the people in charge do not necessarily want you to look at him...


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