The Babysitter 2: Sequel to the Netflix movie with Bella Thorne and Samara Weaving in the works

copyrightThe Babysitter 2: Sequel to the Netflix movie with Bella Thorne and Samara Weaving in the works

"Terminator 4" director McG is shooting a sequel to his Netflix horror-comedy "The Babysitter." In his own production of 2017, a boy realizes to his horror that his babysitter wants to sacrifice him to Satan.

Director McG, who most recently directed the science-fiction film "Rim Of The World" for Netflix, will next shoot a sequel to his horror movie "The Babysitter", also produced exclusively for the streaming service. This is from the latest issue of Production Weekly (via Bloody Disgusting). As a result, McG is scheduled to begin filming "The Babysitter 2" in October.

In the debut, 12-year-old Cole Johnson (Judah Lewis), secretly in love with his caring babysitter Bee (Samara Weaving), finds out on a fateful night that Bee is a member of a satanic cult. Its members (including Robbie Amell and Bella Thorne, who is also making headline news as a porn director) soon have their sights set on his life as well, and for the half-star, a cruel cat-and-mouse game begins in a final confrontation between Bee and Cole ends.

Whether the plot of "The Babysitter 2" is based on the events of the first, or there will be only a few similarities in content, is not yet known. Also, whether Samara Weaving, which represented at least for us the only bright spot in the otherwise bleak Zotenparade, will come back for the successor is unclear. As revealed in the mid-credits scene, her character survived at least the confrontation with her alleged protégé in part one.

After all, there is already a new entry: The Peabody-Award-winning producer and author of "American Vandal" Dan Lagana will be responsible for the script on "The Babysitter 2". When the film should appear is not known yet.


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