Terminator 6: Dark Fate: In the bloody new trailer Linda Hamilton gets on with Arnie

copyrightTerminator 6: Dark Fate: In the bloody new trailer Linda Hamilton gets on with Arnie

Nearly 30 years after "Terminator 2", Linda Hamilton returns for "Terminator: Dark Fate" as Sarah Connor. And in the new action-packed trailer for the sixth film of the sci-fi series, it's not exactly good to talk about Arnold Schwarzenegger's character.

After the "Terminator" continuations after the milestone "Terminator 2: Day of reckoning" from 1991 was very mixed, you follow now in the old-established "Terminator" series the "Halloween" image, so will ignore most of the sequels and just link to the first two franchise records, commonly considered the good parts. For example, in "Terminator 6: Dark Fate" for the first time since "T2", there is also a reunion with Bad-Ass-Weltuntergangsverhinderin Sarah Connor (Linda Hamilton).


In the new trailer, Sarah proudly talks about how she and her son John (also part of the party: Edward Furlong) once prevented the day of reckoning and thus allegedly the war between humans and machines, has to rely on cyborg Grace (Mackenzie Davis) but hear that perhaps she has changed the future, but not so much the fate. Grace herself has set herself the task of protecting the young Dani (Natalia Reyes), as she seems to be essential to the survival of humanity, much like John Connor once did, and - as with John - a progressive killing machine from the future (Gabriel Luna) chases them.

Grace finally gets help with a character played by Arnold Schwarzenegger, who continues to be a big secret. Does the "Terminator" hanging sign return to its role as a good-natured T-800 with an aged human cloak, or do we see it - as we have always rumored - possibly as a human being who once served as an optical template for the Terminator model?

Or maybe he will even play a dual role? Anyway, Sarah Connor, because of her past with the T-800, is not exactly happy to see him and promises to kill him as soon as it's all over. Real answers will be available at the latest on 24 October 2019, when "Terminator: Dark Fate" starts in theaters. Incidentally, the slightly alternative original version of the new trailer offers a few more scenes:


For the first time since "Terminator 2", original director James Cameron is again participating in a series section on "Dark Fate", if only as a producer and creative director. But even in this capacity, he currently has a lot to say about the potential future of his series. He reiterated to Deadline that behind-the-scenes there are already plans for a whole new "Terminator" trilogy to which the storyline has already been drafted. Whether you can implement this, of course, depends on the success of the first new part.

Meanwhile, the sci-fi actor was staged by "Deadpool" director Tim Miller, who, like Cameron, has already promised that "Terminator 6" will go back to the roots of the series in terms of age ratings and appeal to a primarily adult audience to judge.


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