Spider-Man is out of the Marvel Cinematic Universe

copyrightSpider-Man is out of the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Marvel Studios and Sony have not reached an agreement.

After the magnificent collection of Spider-Man: Far from home, we all breathed easy thinking that Spidey stayed in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but it seems that there is no place for Parker at Marvel Studios.

According to Deadline, Marvel Studios and Sony have failed to reach an agreement and the treasures will have to say goodbye to his friends The Avengers. Deadline sources say there are still two Spider-Man films with Jon Watts, the director of Homecoming and Far from Home, and Tom Holland as Peter Parker and Kevin Feige, president of Marvel Studios, would not be their chief creative producer.

The new agreement that Disney wanted to close had a financing agreement, at Disney and Sony the film's financing would be split at 50/50. Sony tried to keep the agreement under current terms, where Marvel took 5% of the collection of the first box office day of the Spidey movies.

No more information is known about Spider-Man's departure from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but hopefully, the two companies will reach an agreement. We will continue to inform.


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