A lot of tension and an unknown threat in the trailer for 'Underwater', the new Kristen Stewart

copyrightA lot of tension and an unknown threat in the trailer for 'Underwater', the new Kristen Stewart
The actress stars in this film 'sci-fi' directed by William Eubank ('The Signal').

Kristen Stewart faces a new rival in her next movie, Underwater. After growing up in a universe of vampires and dealing with spiritual beings, the actress will have to travel to the deepest part of the ocean in this science fiction tape. As we have seen in the first trailer published, the team will have to explore places never seen by man.

The advance, which you can see on these lines, does not give many details about the objectives of the crew or why they embark on this adventure, but at some point, the subway in which they travel is subjected to a great shake, which gives rise to a leak. Their problems have just begun since they have to face a terrible creature completely unknown.

Underwater | Official Trailer

"11 kilometers below the surface of the ocean something has woken up", forward the trailer of a film that promises a lot of tension and large doses of action.

Stewart leads a cast consisting of T.J. Miller (Deadpool), Jessica Henwick (Iron Fist) and Vincent Cassel (Jason Bourne), among others. William Eubank (Love, The Signal) directs this film based on the script by Brian Duffield, author of The Babysitter.


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