Mega Brutal and disturbing: Conjuring maker filmed absolutely shocking horror bestseller

copyrightMega Brutal and disturbing: Conjuring maker filmed absolutely shocking horror bestseller

Director James Wan is already working on his next genre board. With "The Troop" he has now secured the rights to one of the perhaps most brutal horror bestsellers of recent years. A story that scares even Stephen King ...

A mix of "Lord of the Flies" and "28 Days later" - so promising is the horror novel "The Troop" described by author Craig Davidson in 2014 under his pseudonym Nick Cutter. And even if cult author Stephen King speaks of "horror of the old school in its best form", that should probably make every horror fan alright ...

No wonder then that sooner or later the story will also cross the path of horror experts and successful producer James Wan ("Conjuring"), who now took on the filming of the material. According to Deadline, Wan has now acquired the rights to the novel shocker with his production company Atomic Monster. 

Wan, who now feels more comfortable as a director in the blockbuster segment and staged, among other things, "Fast & Furious 7" and "Aquaman", but will not direct themselves. Instead, E.L. Katz, who proved with his directorial debut "Cheap Thrills" that he can nasty genre food.


In "The Troop" Tim Riggs travels with his scout group to camp in the Canadian wilderness as every year, where the crew enjoy the unspoiled nature around campfires and horror stories - until the horror of a day suddenly becomes quite real: As a totally emaciated, skeletal and If a hungry intruder storms into their camp, they still want to help him. But the attempt fails... and suddenly threatens a parasitic infection, they all hinäuraffen. Is there still an escape for the self-reliant boys?

Cutters "The Troop" hit high waves in fan circles in 2014 and is perceived as particularly disgusting and brutal. The idea of ​​a film adaptation has since been discussed as expected. We can not wait to see how Katz and Wan bring this disturbing story to the big screen.

 In any case, it can be assumed that the film is less likely to go in the direction of Ryan's scary films like "Conjuring", but rather in the also coming from him, much more brutal "Saw" series.


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