A Quiet Place 2: Captain Marvel star to take over the role in the horror sequel

copyrightA Quiet Place 2: Captain Marvel star to take over the role in the horror sequel

Director and author John Krasinski landed with the horror film "A Quiet Place" a real surprise hit. Currently, a continuation is being worked on and the cast is being searched for. Now there's another cast newcomer.

For the horror hit "A Quiet Place" John Krasinski stood not only as a director behind the camera but also as an actor in front of it. The sequel will be different - after all, his character died cruelly at the end of Part One. However, after his initial refusal he takes over again the director's post and also his wife Emily Blunt ("Mary Poppins return") will again play the role of Evelyn Abbott. Who still belongs to the cast and who joined new, we tell you now.


Actually, the "Child's Play" actor Brian Tyree Henry should take a role in "A Quiet Place 2", but had to cancel due to scheduling problems. According to the deadline, the producers have now brought Djimon Hounsou on board. Hounsou played the character Korath in "Captain Marvel" and also appeared in "Shazam!" And "Aquaman".


What role Hounsou will play in Krasinski's horror sequel is not yet known. He will star in front of the camera with Blunt and their two children Noah Jupe (as Marcus) and Millicent Simmonds (as Reagan). There will also be a new man on Blunt's side: Cillian Murphy ("Dunkirk," "The Dark Knight Rises") will play a mysterious stranger who becomes part of the now-fatherless family. How exactly the action looks, has not been revealed.

Krasinski's film (from 2018) grossed $ 340 million worldwide - on a budget of only $ 17 million! He is therefore not without reason as a surprise hit. With such great success, the makers had certainly not expected. From FILM STARTS there were four stars for the horror trip - no wonder we are looking forward to part two.


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