Joker Final Trailer The new trailer for "Joker" offers the full pack of insanity

copyrightJoker Final Trailer The new trailer for "Joker" offers the full pack of insanity

Just before the world premiere at the Venice Film Festival, Warner has released a new trailer for "Joker". The full portion of insanity and tragedy with Joaquin Phoenix in the title role is available here:

The first trailer for "Joker" already gave a pretty good impression of the story of the unusual DC comic book adaptation: Arthur Fleck (Joaquin Phoenix), a street clown and would-be comedian with mental health problems, have at some point of the constant low blows that him Life misses, and goes crazy. Fleck creates the character of the Joker as a refuge and as a psychopath in clown make-up finally can do anything and leave what he wants. But with his crazy actions, he will soon also become the identification figure of the exploited lower class.


The new trailer, which has been teased in recent days on the official "Joker" Instagram page, lets us delve even deeper into the psyche of the Arthur-Fleck-Joker. In addition to a longer look at the already iconic dance scene on the stairs (who are the two dark figures at the top that are only briefly to be seen?) We can see how Arthur tries to cheer up a small child and is plucked by his mother, or how he tries in vain to reach his therapist.

Also, there is finally a longer appearance of Robert De Niro in the new trailer, which was indeed in the first preview but at least to see, but not heard at all. De Niro plays in "Joker" Murray Franklin, the host of a big talk show, to which finally Arthur is invited after he becomes a joker. If that ends well? In addition to Phoenix and De Niro, we also see Zazie Beetz ("Deadpool 2") in "Joker" as Arthur's neighbor Sophie, with whom he apparently trades, Shea Whigham ("American Hustle") as a joker-hunting cop and Dante Pereira. Olson as a young Bruce Wayne (the later Batman) and Brett Cullen as his father Thomas Wayne.


"Joker" is celebrating its premiere on August 31, 2019, at the Venice Film Festival. who will see Todd Phillips' hotly awaited DC movie right there? You can count on our criticism on the evening of the 31st of August.

The regular theatrical release of "Joker" in India will be on October 4, 2019.


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