After his Netflix excursion, Michael Bay comes back to the movies: sci-fi actioner "Black Five" in the works

copyrightAfter his Netflix excursion, Michael Bay comes back to the movies: sci-fi actioner "Black Five" in the works

Right now, Krawumm expert Michael Bay is shooting "Six Underground" for Netflix, after which the director shuts down a number - at least in the movie title. "Black Five" should be his new action for the cinema.

On the big screen, director and producer Michael Bay lets his passion for epic action and explosions run wild - what that looks like we know from the "Transformers" series, "Bad Boys" and "Pearl Harbor". So it's going to be exciting to see what the blockbuster King thinks of "6 Underground," the actioner he shoots for Netflix - and thus rather for small to medium size screens. But it looks like Bay has not been permanently hijacked by Netflix. Because according to deadline his next directorial work is to be produced again for the cinema: Currently he is in negotiations with Sony on "Black Five" or "Black 5" - is still not quite clear how the title is written.

However, much is not yet known about the project, except that it is unsurprisingly an ensemble actioner - insider information suggests it could be about a military elite unit that has futuristic technology at its disposal. Bay is not the only one (probably) involved in the project, whose name stands for blockbuster competence: He is assisted by scriptwriter Ehren Kruger, who also wrote the scripts for several "Transformers" parts. The production is being co-produced by Bay Erwin Stoff, who has written films such as "Matrix", "I Am Legend" and "Edge Of Tomorrow".


The production of "Black Five" will start in early 2020, so it will be at least 2021 before we see the new Michael Bay in the cinema. "6 Underground", on the other hand, is already in post-production - but it will probably take until 2020 before we see the film on Netflix. The exact date has yet to be determined and it is also open to now whether the film also gets a theatrical release, as Netflix has just announced, for example, only for ten of his productions, in the fall of 2019 both on Netflix and in the US cinemas to be seen.

In terms of content, "6 Underground" is still pretty secretive, only the cast is known and that Netflix has a lot to enjoy - it will be the most expensive Netflix production to date. Among them is "Deadpool" star Ryan Reynolds and Mélanie Laurent ("Inglourious Basterds").


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