In 'Once Upon a Time In Hollywood': This Tarantino brand returns after more than 10 years

copyrightIn 'Once Upon a Time In Hollywood': This Tarantino brand returns after more than 10 years

A typical Tarantino movie does not only include cool dialogues and feet in close-up but also scenes in which the characters devote themselves fully to the car radio - and that's what's finally in "Once Upon A Time In Hollywood".

The fact that one can always easily identify a film by Quentin Tarantino as such is not least due to the trademarks that the cult director has established with his stories over the past three decades. This ranges from insiders such as the fictional cigarette brand "Red Apple" about his preference for feet, which he regularly indulges in the form of close-ups, to his unmistakable, razor-sharp dialogues.

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However, the filmmaker had to forego a particular predilection for the last time: the car radio. In "Once Upon A Time In Hollywood", he finally lets his characters cruise through the streets of L.A., always accompanied by the radio program of the late 60s. Why he was particularly pleased when working on his latest film, he revealed to us in the course of his press tour.

When Quentin Tarantino says he loves to listen to music while driving, because he feels like he's in the lead of his own movie, we believe him - because it's no coincidence that his perhaps most iconic scene (the Burger Dialogue in "Pulp Fiction") is also opened with a prominently staged station change. "You get in, give gas and choose the right song - and whatever happens next, it's going to be a big adventure," assures us the director, who is delighted to finally be able to use this element again. In his last, historical films, that was finally denied him.


"After a World War II movie and two westerns, I finally got a character on the radio to enjoy a song. That almost equaled an orgasm for me, "Tarantino revealed. "I just thought, 'You can listen to music again. I can finally have rock'n'roll in my film, which I have had to do without for over a decade! 'It was just fantastic to give my characters back this Godard-like groove. "

With "Once Upon A Time In Hollywood," Quentin Tarantino not only travels back to the late 1960s but also into his childhood. That's why Cliff Booth (Brad Pitt) also stars in a Volkswagen Karmann Ghia, as Tarantino's father (and Uma Thurman in "Kill Bill") once drove him. The shots of Booth in the car, if this always drives with the radio on through Los Angeles, were therefore not only taken from the perspective of the passenger but according to Tarantino from the same perspective from which he once watched his dad. It is this attention to detail that makes "Once Upon A Time In Hollywood" actually the most personal film of Quentin Tarantino.


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