Collaboration between two Hollywood greats: this is to be Netflix's next sci-fi hit

copyrightCollaboration between two Hollywood greats: this is to be Netflix's next sci-fi hit

Streaming giant Netflix has once again staged a promising project: behind the science fiction movie "Pyros" are Reese Witherspoon and "X-Men: Dark Phoenix" director Simon Kinberg.

Netflix already has some sci-fi in-house productions, including The Cloverfield Paradox, IO and Rim Of The World, as well as the series Another Life, Lost in Space and Altered Carbon ". Now the streaming service has secured the rights to another science fiction project: "Pyros" is based on the short story "Tardy Man" by Thomas Pierce, who will also write the screenplay for the Netflix film himself.

As Deadline reports, Hollywood star Reese Witherspoon ("Walk The Line") will star in and produce "Pyros" as well. But she teamed up with Simon Kinberg, the mastermind behind the last films of the "X-Men" series. Since "X-Men: Erste Entscheidung" (2011), he has been supervising this as a producer, from "Future is the Past" (2014), he also wrote in the scripts. At the "Dark Phoenix", which was released this year, he even took a seat on the director's chair.


"Pyros" revolves around people of the future, endowed with indestructible, fire-resistant suits fused with their bodies. They are employed by a company that specializes in recovering valuable items from the burning homes of wealthy people. However, they are only allowed to help people who pay money to the company ...

A director for "Pyros" is not yet known and of course not when the release should appear on Netflix. However, since production is still in its infancy, it will presumably not be until 2021. After "Chairman Spaceman", however, it is the second short story from the pen of Thomas Pierce that will be filmed by Kinberg.


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