Frankie Muniz confirms the return of Malcolm in the Middle

copyrightFrankie Muniz confirms the return of Malcolm in the Middle

The actor gave some details in an interview for a YouTube channel called Malcolm France.

Ten years after its end, Frankie Muniz, the actor who played Malcolm in the series Malcolm in the Middle, has confirmed that the mythical series will return to our screens.

Muniz gave an interview to a French channel called Malcolm France, and confirmed that the series will return, but not in the same format.

It would be a feature film. So, not necessarily a new season of episodes, they want to make a movie, I know there is a script in preparation. I'm not sure what I can say or not, but ... it would be a movie.

I would like to repeat a season of 10 or 12 episodes because it allows us to develop enough stories to know what everyone has become.

Speaking of the original cast of the series, the actor commented that all members of the original cast want to return to take their respective roles, except one person, from whom he has not revealed his name.

Perhaps once it is more concrete, this person will change his mind. I hope so because each character played their part in the success of the series. It would be great to bring everyone together.

We will have to wait a bit to have more details about the return of the Wilkerson family ten years later and hope that Disney has not canceled these plans.


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