Do we still see a young, fat Thor in Thor 4 ?

copyrightDo we still see a young, fat Thor in Thor 4 ?

Thor's dedication to "Avengers: endgame" beer and video games, and therefore a few pounds more on the ribs, is a big surprise to the film. According to a discarded flashback scene from "Thor 3", but he was already fuller earlier.

After destroying the infinity stones in "Avengers 4: Endgame," Thor (Chris Hemsworth) retires to his men's shared apartment in New Asgard and spends the days with beer and video games, resulting in a strong weight gain. 

Although Rocket Raccoon tears him out of his lethargy and takes him on the time travel adventure, Thor carries the traces of his life with him throughout the film. At the end he climbs into the Benatar, still full of babble and wild hair, and evidently joins the Guardians Of The Galaxy. 

"Thor 4" is apparently the next movie with the thunder god, which means fans will have to be patient until the end of 2021, before revealing what has become of that community since defeating Thanos - and, if Thor has his bacon in the meantime has abtrainiert again.

A deleted scene from "Thor 3: Day of the Decision" tells us at least that Taika Waititi, director of "Thor 3" and the upcoming "Thor 4" earlier had the idea to undergo Thor's body of a surprising change. That could be an indicator that we could continue to see literally more of Thor in the future than in his recent solo adventures.


So Waititi originally had the plan to build a flashback sequence in "Thor 3", in which we get juvenile versions of Thor, Valkyrie, and Loki shown. Here Loki should be portrayed as a cranky Goth-Eigenbrötler and Thor as a chubby child with Vokuhila. 

The clothing style of the characters would have been inspired by the fashion of the 80s, which would have at least visually fit well with the style of "Thor 3". In the end, however, Waititi chose not to shoot the flashback, as he and his team did not find a way to incorporate it organically into the storyline and, in his opinion, would have made no sense if Valkyrie and Thor had met before the events of "Thor 3 "Would have met.

In "Thor 4" Waititi would now again have the opportunity to build his young, thick Thor somewhere - or at least with the adult fat Thor fire a few fates. On the other hand, the comedy potential of the Plauzen-God was actually already exhausted in "Avengers 4: Endgame" - in the opinion of some fans even already overused. Also in the 3moierulz, editorship prevailed at the time of theatrical release disagreement over the thick Thor.


The gag does not work in the first place, because fat people are funny by nature, but by the surprise effect and the contrast between the impressive form of actor Chris Hemsworth and his canvas counterpart. The revelation that Thor had a rather chubby look as a child does not ignite now after we've already spent a whole movie with a pound adult thunder god.

As a comedian, Taika Waititi probably knows very well that some jokes age faster than others, which is why we can best imagine that Thor will lose his pounds sooner rather than later in the course of his solo adventure. Maybe in a funny training sequence aboard the Benatar. At least we can imagine Rocket with his disarmingly honest nature very well as a personal trainer ...

"Thor 4: Love And Thunder" will be released in Germany on October 28, 2021. Incidentally, Taika Waititi has been working on the script for a while now, although it will only be shot in the year 2020 because the director will only make a football film.


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