A desktop thriller franchise? These are the plans for Searching 2

copyrightA desktop thriller franchise? These are the plans for Searching 2

In 2018, John Cho, as a single dad, David Kim desperately sought his missing daughter in Searching. The trick: The whole event took place almost exclusively on a computer screen. Now a sequel could come.

As reported by the usually well-informed industry insiders of Deadline, there is the Hollywood studio Sony the effort to continue the desktop thriller "Searching". For Sony, the original 2018 was a good deal. For five million dollars to buy the rights to the finished film, which could then import over 75 million dollars worldwide. One seems to think that there is more to the concept of having the entire film played on a computer screen.

Anyone who wonders how the intricate and actually completed story of family man David Kim (John Cho) and the search for his missing daughter could be continued, does not take long to puzzle: well, not at all! The insiders of Deadline assume that for "Searching 2" a new story with new protagonists would be developed. 

The concept would be the same, of course, so it would again be a protagonist sitting in front of his laptop, chatting, researching the net, talking with the other protagonists via face-time, etc. Whilst we think it quite possible that the New main character also stumbles, for example, briefly over a reference to the happenings from the first part, to illustrate that both films play in the same universe.


So while we're likely to see new performers, we want to see continuity behind the camera, and according to the deadline, Sony wants the creative team responsible for "Searching" to develop a new story and then do the second part, especially successful producer Timur Bekmambetov and director Newcomer Aneesh Chaganty, who was just 25 years old when he made his feature film debut with "Searching", after previously shooting for Google commercials.

But it is still unclear when "Searching 2" could come to theaters. If it is a success, "Searching 3", "Searching 4" and Co. may just be a matter of time - just with ever new protagonists and ideas in terms of content, you can finally turn the concept almost infinitely.


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