David Leitch believes that Deadpool 3 doesn't need to have an R rating

copyrightDavid Leitch believes that Deadpool 3 doesn't need to have an R rating

The director values ​​doing something for everyone to be able to enter the MCU.

So far, no decision has been made, as far as we know, about the future of Deadpool now that the character is under the control of Disney and Marvel, but in the event that it is decided to make a film for over 13 years director David Leitch I would have no problem with it.

Explicit violence and offensive language are inherent characteristics of Deadpool inside and outside the cinema, but it is possible that he will lose them in the face of an MCU entry for the future.

"It's an adult movie that doesn't necessarily have to marry the MCU brand, but it doesn't have to be necessary for adults either, and Disney doesn't necessarily have to make movies for all audiences either. I think we'll find common ground," said the director chatting with Yahoo! Movies

Leitch says that all the conversations that have taken place at Disney and Marvel about the future of Deadpool have been positive, but also that it is difficult to treat this character.


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