Basil, The Great Mouse Detective will have real action remake

copyrightBasil, The Great Mouse Detective will have real action remake

It may not have the popularity of other works, but there are many who will remember Basil, The Great Mouse Detective.

When "fashion" will end, we don't know, but it is clear that the real action remakes by Disney still have rope for a while. And not only for those based on the most classic and mythical works of the factory. Also for other less remembered works but of which many of us have great affection. This is the case, for example, of Basil, The Great Mouse Detective, which will also have its own live-action version.

Information that the We Got This Covered medium has revealed exclusively, and according to which the film will add to many other projects that Disney already has underway (The hunchback of Notre Dema, Cruella de Vil, Pinocchio ...). Also, they talk about it as something already confirmed.

It will, therefore, be necessary to take into account their criteria, especially after they have already advanced such important information as Matt Reeves would become the next Batman. In addition, according to the source, the project would use CGI to create the mice. But it would not be like The Lion King; the rest of the characters (and the scenarios) would be completed in real action.

Basil, The Great Mouse Detective was one of the most beloved films by many in the 80s, but it is also one of those that fell into oblivion shortly after. Probably somewhat unfairly.

By the way, the information has not talked about dates, nor about a possible director or cast. Although we must also wait for Disney to finally make an official confirmation. Either that or that denies it.

The Great Mouse Detective


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