Christopher Nolan's "Tenet": One of the shooting stars of the year comes to the cast

copyrightChristopher Nolan's "Tenet": One of the shooting stars of the year comes to the cast

He is to become a "romantic espionage film" - but beyond that, Christopher Nolan wraps himself to the plot of his new film in silence. However, a large part of the casts is already known and now there is another new sign up to announce.

The filming of Christopher Nolan's new work "Tenet" is expected to be in full swing, shooting in seven countries with a bombastic budget and an impressive cast: John David Washington ("BlacKkKlansman"), Robert Pattinson ("High Life"), Elizabeth Debicki ("Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2"), Michael Caine ("Interstellar") and Kenneth Branagh ("Dunkirk") are all involved. The drama warriors, however, are now gaining again: "Yesterday" star Himesh Patel will play a role.

Who Patel will play and what his role will be is not yet known. Before this summer, the 28-year-old Briton will probably have been known only to television viewers in his home country, where he appeared in 566 episodes of the BBC soap opera "EastEnders". Patel recently starred in Danny Boyle's Beatles feel-good comedy "Yesterday" for a very convincing screen debut, making him one of the film's absolute shooting stars. In such a short time from the British soap-face to the start of a big movie and finally in the new Nolan movie, you have to do it!


Nolan is very anxious not to let any essential information about the film on the net to the outside - so there is now a short teaser to the film, but is so far only in US cinemas before "Fast & Furious: Hobbs & Shaw" aired and has not been published online.

Sure, in a spy thriller, the whole secrecy is indeed a good sound. Of course, we all would like to know more - but until Nolan gets through to giving us some more little info, we can at least keep our heads up with thrilling theories about the new movie:


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