Ben Affleck's movie about Batman explored Arkham Asylum and Bruce Wayne's madness

copyrightBen Affleck's movie about Batman explored Arkham Asylum and Bruce Wayne's madness

The film that will reach theaters is' The Batman. Directed by Matt Reeves and Robert Pattinson will give life to the DC Comics watchman. Premiere June 25, 2021!

The Batman, the Dark Knight's solo film directed by Matt Reeves, arrives in movie theaters on June 25, 2021. In it, Robert Pattinson is in charge of giving life to a young Bruce Wayne before becoming the best Gotham detective. But that is now because the story of this installment of the DC film universe could have been very different if things had gone well for Ben Affleck.

JOKER - Teaser Trailer

Initially, the actor was going to direct, star and write the tape about the watchman; but the libretto did not end up liking Warner Bros. and the project suffered a major facelift. Many of the character's fans have, since then, been curious to know what Affleck was up to and now the first details have begun to be discovered. A preview: The movie was going to explore Arkham Asylum and Bruce Wayne's madness.

This has been said in the MTV Happy Sad Confused podcast Robert Richardson, the cinematographer who hired Affleck for the film. "There was a script, but one that didn't like it," he begins. "There was a lot to do ... I was trying to change it and then I made the decision to make Lost," he adds. Richardson has also said that the movie was going to show a darker side of Batman.

"Well, [Affleck] was going to get more into aspects of madness," says Richardson. "So I think you would have seen something a little darker than what you have seen in the past and more focused on the individual, who is inside Batman. What element can be sane and which one might not be. So I was going to go inside. a little more in Arkham, where you put all the bad guys, everyone who has come across Batman. So the subject was something like that, it was fascinating to go into a darker side of Batman, "he concludes.

Finally, Reeves is the one who will take the film to the big screen, which could begin filming in January 2020. For now, only the signing of Pattinson in the role of Bruce Wayne is known and it is not known if some of the aspects of Affleck script will be used on the tape. With the change, Richardson will not handle the photography of The Batman. His replacement is Greig Fraser, who will start on the project when he finishes working on Denis Villeneuve's Dune.

While waiting for news, check out the Joker trailer. The film about the origins of Prince Clown of Crime premieres on October 4. He directs Todd Phillips and Joaquin Phoenix plays the iconic villain.


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