Bad Boys 3 is coming: So should the late sequel inspire the fans

copyrightBad Boys 3 is coming: So should the late sequel inspire the fans

Yes, after "Bad Boys" and "Bad Boys 2", "Bad Boys For Life" is actually another sequel to the coughing cop action comedy starring Will Smith and Martin Lawrence. We tell you what the fans should be lured to the cinema.

It's hard to wonder why 16 years on from the hitherto most recent use of unequal cop duo Mike Lowrey (Will Smith) and Marcus Burnett (Martin Lawrence), is a new addition to the "Bad Boys" series. We spare you and us at this point, the years of back and forth work behind the scenes. "Bad Boys 3" aka "Bad Boys For Live" will start on January 16, 2020, ready. Of course, half a year before the theatrical release, we have not yet seen "Bad Boys 3", but what we know about the cast and the storyline can be concluded with:

"Bad Boys 3" should lure the fans of the first two parts back to the cinemas. He is tailored to them, namely, rather than the producers want to put any youngsters in the police car and turn the action movie of a new generation of viewers as a reboot.


Will Smith is 50, Martin Lawrence is 54. Mel Gibson and Danny Glover were 44 and 52 in 1998 when "Lethal Weapon 4" started - their cop comeback was about the running gag, but now they're getting really old for the shit. Such jokes should also await us in "Bad Boys 3", but more importantly, we are once again relying on the proven chemistry of a well-known duo, in which the coolness of superstar Will Smith meets Martin Lawrence's funny-hysterical way.


The official summary is still pending, but what has already leaked out to the "Bad Boys 3" plot sounds plausible - and would give the duo Smith / Lawrence ample opportunities for friction. Accordingly, Mike Lowrey and Marcus Burnett have been so divided at the beginning of the film that they are no longer buddies. Marcus has even left the police service, he works as a private investigator, while Lowrey indulges in his mid-life crisis. Of course, the two must find each other again. This is ensured by the filthy character of the film, the head of a drug cartel played by youngster Jacob Scipio ...

... and its main task should be to provide Smith and Lawrence with all sorts of reasons for the usual, wild destruction orgy. As an indication, a behind-the-scenes image can be used, but let's be honest: Hollywood's top demolition champion Michael Bay may have given the directing post to the inexperienced colleagues Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah ("Gangstas 4 Life"), but each producer of the World should make sure that the Bad Boys do not make their late cinema return with a coffee party, but that on the contrary, it is constantly around.


The old "Bad Boys" fans will have to get used to some fresh faces, including Alexander Ludwig ("Vikings"), Vanessa Hudgens ("High School Musical") and Kate del Castillo from the Netflix series "Ingobernable", who will star in their homeland Mexico is a superstar. Joe Pantoliano ("Matrix") plays Captain Howard again, with whom Mike and Marcus always had to dig when they messed up again. And of that, the two chaotic in "Bad Boys 3" again produce a lot.


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