There will be a new Matrix movie with the Wachowski and Michael B. Jordan | 3 movierulz

copyrightThere will be a new Matrix movie with the Wachowski and Michael B. Jordan | 3 movierulz

3 Movierulz:- We knew that the Matrix universe was going to be expanded by the Wachowski sisters. However, until now we could not confirm that it was going to be the fourth film, because there was talk about the option that this new episode was an adaptation in another format.

Now, thanks to the exclusive that has given the means of Discussing Film, we know that not only that film is a reality, but on top will be starring Michael B. Jordan (Black Panther). Oh, and your production will start in 2020 in the city of Chicago.

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In addition, according to them, the sources that spoke about Zak Penn writing the script were also true. Apparently, they have been working on this project for a while in secret, under the title of "Project Ice Cream".

The elements of the plot are unknown, but it is expected that the production team will also be completed with Hugh Bateup, who was already the director of the first film in 99, and who would now return as a production designer.

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Anyway, the only rumors that do not know if they were true or not would be those who talked about a possible restart of the saga. In fact, considering that Michael B. Jordan would be the protagonist, not only could it be a reboot, but also a sequel to the previous trilogy, or even a prequel.

Also, it would not be just the production that would take place in Chicago. Apparently, filming would also take place in that city. And from there would come the name of the project as "Ice Project". We will be alert in the face of upcoming developments in this regard.


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