Spider-Man: Far from Home: Post-credit scenes reveal the future of MCU

copyrightSpider-Man: Far from Home: Post-credit scenes reveal the future of MCU

3 Movierulz News:- Two great scenes That's what awaits us after the credits of the next - and increasingly closer - Spider-Man: Far from home. It was to be expected that, somehow, the end of Phase 3 would have a great connection with what we can expect from Phase 4.

But now we know that, beyond everything that the film itself does, we will enjoy interesting extras at the end. In fact, we have seen those scenes, and, without entering into spoilers, they will expose the most immediate future of the MCU.

In addition, according to Feige himself has reiterated on more than one occasion, the decision that Phase 3 ended in Far from Home was thought of a long time ago. Basically, since they realized that Endgame already gave rise to the future of Peter Parker.

On the other hand, we must remember that it will be from next July 5, when the film premiere will take place when we will leave doubts. And after that, we'll have to wait until August 24 for Marvel to officially announce all his plans for Phase 4.

Another interesting question is to know what will happen now that we have discovered that the re-release of Avengers: Endgame in theaters will also keep a surprise in the form of a scene after the credits.

There is the talk of the appearance of Fox characters, such as The Fantastic Four. And, whether it becomes reality or not, we must see if it intersects with what Spider-Man will show us: Far from Home. Do you have a personal best?


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