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copyrightPrasanna Vadanam Movierulz - Watch Prasanna Vadanam 2024 Telugu Movie Review in 3movierulz
"Prasanna Vadanam" is the latest film made in the lead role of "Suhas" who has gained good recognition as an actor and is growing as a minimum guarantee hero. Arjun, one of Sukumar's batch of assistant directors, made his debut as a director through this film. The teaser & trailer of this film, which was made with the concept of face blinding, impressed the audience. And let's see how impressive the movie is..!!

Story: In an accident, Surya (Suhas) loses his sense of recognizing people's faces along with his parents. Because of that, he has trouble remembering his own people. On a rainy evening, he sees Amrita (Saishweta) being pushed under a lorry and killed on the road. However, due to his face blindness, he cannot remember who pushed him.

The next day, seeing the murder he saw as an accident in the news, Shakai immediately called the police station thinking of telling the truth to the police. From there, Surya's troubles begin.

Who is Amrita? Who killed her? What is the reason for that? How did Surya solve this mystery? What kind of hardship did Surya suffer in this mystery? The answer to such questions is “Prasanna Vadanam”.

Acting Performance: Suhas is a good actor, but his gestures are a bit monotonous in the last two or three movies. In "Prasanna Vadanam" he got out of that monotony a bit. However, he struggles a bit to impress with his gestures in the crucial scenes. Suhas's trouble in script selection, nice gestures and a little difference in the styling of the movie is not difficult to grow as a dependable hero.

Rashi Singh is an actress who entertains with a level of acting that is equal to Suhas, and in other words dominates Suhas. There is a good scope for acting and showing variations in her role. Rashi showed her ability by using that scope properly. Viva Harsha, Payal Radhakrishna, Nitin Prasanna and others have done justice to their roles.

Technical performance: Vijay Bulganin's background music is the biggest plus point of the movie. Especially the way Vijay Bulganin elevated the intense scenes in the interval twist & second half with his background music is commendable. Chandrasekaran's cinematography work is decent. The production design team has missed the continuity in many places. 

For example, the heroine's hair color shot is seen for the first time during her introduction in the car showroom. Also.. Nitin Prasanna's hair style changes from scene to scene. Although it is understood that there are budget problems, the team had to take the issue of how important continuity is in the case of thrillers a little more seriously.

Now let's talk about director Arjun. Without delaying much as a storyteller, he started the original story from the title card. Especially the composition of the psycho killer's fight sequence & going chasing episode is a symbol of Arjun's work as a director. 

However.. the scenes written to add romance to the very interesting story did not work much.. the scenes in the second half were minuscule. However.. Arjun as a first time director & writer has to say that he has excelled. Although some of the key scenes in the movie remind me of the Malayalam movie "Ishq" and the Hindi movie "Ghajini", the way he adapted them to his movie is good.

Analysis: Concept movies are very rare in Telugu. "Prasanna Vadanam" stands as a movie with good content in that category. A good story, entertaining concept, interesting plot, thrilling twists and impressive performances of the main characters combined to make the movie "Prasanna Vadanam" a good hit. If it can be promoted properly.. a proper straight Telugu movie in the theater is sure to get a full house with the engaged audience.


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