If Samantha enters the scene, 'Kushi' movie is locked! - 3Movierulz

copyrightIf Samantha enters the scene, 'Kushi' movie is locked! - 3Movierulz
Can 'Kushi' release date be locked if Samantha enters the scene? Is the delay happening because of Samantha? Is the sale getting delayed due to pending crucial scenes? That sounds like a yes. It is known that 'Kushi' is being made under the direction of Siva Nirvana with Vijay Devarakonda in the lead role.
Samantha is playing the heroine. Most of the shooting has already been completed. If everything had gone according to schedule, 'Kushi' would also have stood in the Sankranthi ring. But it was not possible as the equations changed. The shooting of Kushi's film was halted as Samantha was affected by myositis.

The entire shoot was completed by the unit. But the scenes shot on Samantha remained the same. While getting ready for the shoot on Sam, Samantha and the film unit also had to rest as she fell ill. Samantha has allotted dates to Kushi along with other film shoots.

Even after completing them, it became a hindrance when the term 'Kushi' came. Unless Samantha wears make-up again and comes to the sets! Kushi is unable to move forward. With this, the director can't help but wait for Sam for a few days. According to the latest information, Sam will attend the shoot after Sankranthi.

If that happens, the director plans to reveal Kushi's release date. In this context, it has been leaked that he is also thinking of a date. It is expected to be released in July. Even that date is possible only if Samantha joins after the festival holidays. Otherwise, an extension is necessary. The matter is in Samantha's hands.


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