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copyrightYashoda Movie Heroine Samantha's injuries are not a big deal and she is a fighter - 3Movierulz
Everyone works hard to achieve star status. But very few people fight to save that star image. South star heroine Samantha is one such. Samantha continues to seduce the Telugu audience from the movie 'Ae Maya Chesave'. In the middle of being Akkineni's daughter-in-law and then taking divers, all this became very dangerous for her career, but Samantha will get opportunities again with her talent.

But Samantha, who is trying to get back to her previous form in her career, got another big shock. That's the myositis disease she got. Samantha, who used to do regular workouts, got such a disease that shocked everyone. Tell me why Samantha, who is facing so many difficulties in real life, does not take risks in reel life. Currently, Samantha's movie Yashoda is going to hit the screens. As part of the promotion of this movie which is going to be released on the 11th of this month, Samantha's action scene-making video has been released in the movie.

Samantha worked hard for these action sequences. Samantha is not called the fighter for nothing, if you see the hard work she goes through behind the screen, one must agree. Whether on screen or off screen, no matter how many hardships she faces, Samantha leaps forward as if she is not going to fall. Now the action scene video from Samantha Yashoda has gone viral. Hollywood stunt master Yannick Ben composed the action scenes in this movie.

After watching the video of Yashoda's action-making, the audience is in awe of Samantha's dedication. However, fighter Samantha faces many risks in real life. Samantha's fans say that this hard work is a calculation for her to please the audience even in reel life. Yashoda movie is directed by the director duo Hari-Harish. This thriller movie is produced by Sivalenka Krishna Prasad under the Sridevi Movies banner.


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