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copyrightWho is lying about 'Adipurush' Movie VFX - 3Movierulz

Young rebel star Prabhas is acting in the Pan-Indian movie "Adipurush."This mythological story is directed by Om Rau andy is based on the epic Ramayana. The teaser of the film released in Ayodhya on Sunday is making waves on social media.

The teaser of 'Adipurush,' which came amid many expectations, impressed some but disappointed many. Most of the trolls are coming on graphics and VFX work. They are criticizing that it is like a cartoon movie. Instead, it was shot like an online video game.

How did the makers spend so much budget for such an outfoot? They commented that the graphics of daily serials based on mythology would be much better than this. Recently,s no Indian movie teaser or trailer has received this level of criticism due to shoddy VFX.

Netizens and Prabhas fans are trolling the makers and VFX team of 'Adipurush' to a range. They are questioning how it took so many months for this. Of course, there is no need to take more time to improve the VFX works, but posts are being made on social media asking the film not to be released in this way.

Ajay Dev Gun's 'NY VFX Wala' company has responded to this negativity in the background of large-scale trolls tagging the VFX team on Twitter. 'Adipurush' has released an official statement that they have no connection with Computer Graphic Works. Prabhas explained that they did not work on the film's special effects.

But NY VFXwaala co-founder Prasad Suthar mentioned that his team is working on the 'Adipurush' movie now in the limelight. Sutar's Twitter profile header still has an 'Adipurush' poster. Also, he is retweeting every topic related to this movie.

During the 'Adipurush' teaser, we can see that director Om Raut and production house T-Series also tagged NY VFX Wala Company in their tweets. But now they have released a note that they have nothing to do with the VFX of this movie. As a result, netizens are asking who is telling lies in this matter.

In the background of negativity on social media about the visual work of 'Adipurush,' some netizens comment that they cannot dare say that they have worked for this film. If the said company didn't do the VFX for this film.. did the director Om Raut do the work himself? They are posting satirically.

However, there are demands from all sections of the audience that the 'Adipurush' team should come up with good visuals. Now what we have seen is only a teaser. Let's hope the final product will be better.. it will definitely be impressive.

Meanwhile, Prabhas is playing the role of Raghava in the movie 'Adipurush.' Kriti Sanon as Janaki and Saif Ali Khan as Lankesh. The makers plan to release the film worldwide on January 12 next year as a gift for Sankranthi.


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