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copyrightShe-Hulk Movierulz - Watch She-Hulk EP 3 Telugu Dubbed Review In 3Movierulz

Now, She-Hulk has gone full lawyer direction and is tackling the teased cases. This episode gives us nice cameo moments with Wong and Megan Thee Stallion, which isn't totally unexpected but still fun to watch. However, the danger is looming that the makers have taken on too much content with the 30 minutes per week.

This episode deals with two cases and hints at a new plot line, which will probably be discussed in more detail in the coming weeks. Hopefully not too much will be touched on and nothing treated properly. But there is hope that the makers will tell the storylines satisfactorily, especially given the short duration of the episodes.

For depth, the series has its own way of accommodating the hatred that Marvel itself has already faced through growing diversity in the cast. All the comments against a new superhero and the reduction of her gender were pointed out, funny, and appropriate.

All in all a successful episode, which seems a bit overloaded, but hopefully won't carry through to the next episodes.


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