Extraction 2 with Chris Hemsworth offers action without end - 3Movierulz

copyrightExtraction 2 with Chris Hemsworth offers action without end - 3Movierulz

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Aside from his MCU appearances most recently in "Thor 4: Love And Thunder", Chris Hemsworth seems to have become friends with the idea of ​​currently producing films for the Netflix streaming service in particular. The collaboration began with the tough action hit "Extraction", which was released on Netflix in April 2020 - and was able to attract a considerable audience there.

To date, "Extraction" is the 6th most watched English-language Netflix film ever. Only "The Adam Project", "The Gray Man", "Bird Box", "Don't Look Up" and the frontrunner "Red Notice", which was just ahead, was even more successful. So it's no wonder that work began immediately on a second part - and after the less successful Netflix sci-fi chamber game "The Spider's Head" we are also relatively certain that Hemsworth will do it all again with "Extraction 2". will capture large Netflix audiences.

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Although at the end of "Extraction" it seems as if the protagonist dies, "Extraction 2" is not a prequel as long thought, but a sequel. Chris Hemsworth doesn't knock things out that easily and in order to be able to embody the apparently indestructible action hero as credibly as possible, Chris Hemsworth, who was already extremely fit, has gained some muscle mass for the sequel. This is how he presented himself during filming in wintry Prague in the following Instagram photo with the self-description "Iron Punishment":

By the way, not much is known about the content of “Extraction 2”. Of course, Chris Hemsworth will again embody the mercenary who, together with his troupe, specializes in rescuing trapped or kidnapped people from extremely hopeless situations around the world. The series was originally based on a comic by the "Avengers 4" brothers Joe and Anthony Russo, who, like the predecessor, are responsible for "Extraction 2" with their own production company.

Meanwhile, Sam Hargrave has taken his place in the director's chair again, and he may not have provided the cleverest story in "Extraction", but he did provide intense, high-speed action. Our conclusion at the time was: "Extraction" is always best when it's just loud as possible - and fortunately that's often the case despite the somewhat exaggerated running time!


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