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copyrightThe Legend Movierulz - Watch The Legend 2022 Telugu Dubbed Movie Review In 3Movierulz
Businessman Saravanan, who is very famous with 'The Legend Saravanan' stores in Tamil Nadu, is making his acting debut with 'The Legend'. The film was released in multiple languages ​​and was made on a huge budget with many talented actors in the project. The movie's launch event attracted the attention of the audience as many top actresses attended. Let's go into the in-depth review of the movie and find out if this movie is worth watching or not.

Dr. Saravanan is a famous scientist, yet he decides to do something good that helps the poor in his village and wants to help the country with his inventions. He returns to his village and starts working towards his dreams, but faces many obstacles from local politicians and a local bully named VJ. How Saravanan overcame all these obstacles and made his dream come true is the rest of the story.

The story of this movie is similar to the old movies of Superstar Rajinikanth and it will definitely remind you of the 2007 release “Shivaji: The Boss”. With an old story and an equally old making, the audience's patience will be tested, but the film is made on a grand scale. Right from the start, the movie reminds many of the previous movies and there is nothing new in the scenes. Even those who don't know much about movies can guess what happens next in the movie.

Actor Saravanan looks like a doll in many scenes without any expression at all. We can clearly see his body double in many scenes. Geetika (heroine in this movie) looked beautiful in the songs but did not do much in the movie. Urvashi Rautela (the second heroine in this movie) is okay in a limited role. Actor Suman as a VJ is good as a villain, but his looks are too artificial. Vivek and Yogi Babu will make you laugh at times. All the other actors played their roles well.

Technically the film is very grand. The production values ​​are nowhere to be found and Saravanan seems to have spent as much as he needed to make the film grand in every way. Cinematography by R.Velraj is good and some shots are well designed. Be careful with VFX. Harris Jayaraj's music and background score are good. JD -Jerry picked up a very old story and made the movie with an old treatment that didn't impress.


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