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copyrightThe Alicante cameo in 'Thor: Love and Thunder' that most of us overlook - 3Movierulz
The critics may not have been exactly kind to Thor: Love and Thunder and its somewhat worse-than-expected box office results, but the fourth film in the God of Thunder franchise starring Chris Hemsworth has come back quite a bit in its third week with a global collection, as international media are reporting, of more than 600 million dollars worldwide.

The tape, which leaves the doors open for a fifth film, once again counted among its ranks Natalie Portman in the skin of Jane Foster, but, although the fact of seeing the heroine picking up the baton from Thor as the new bearer of Mjolnir It was one of the main claims of the film, with Marvel it always happens that expectations are sky high but never for a single reason. Post-credits scenes and unexpected cameos always top the list of top fan interests, and as you'd expect, Thor: Love and Thunder had a double helping of the former and countless examples of the latter.

The list of cameos in the film directed by Taika Waititi is long: Matt Damon, Luke Hemsworth, Sam Neil, Melissa McCarthy, Russell Crowe, Even Hemsworth's children, Portman, and the director himself appear at a certain point in the film. However, there is also a curious cameo with a Spanish flavor -and we are not referring to Elsa Pataky's, who also appears in the film- that has gone unnoticed by most viewers but has been confirmed by the film's own team. as something completely intentional.

We are talking about the appearance of the Lady of Elche, a famous Iberian sculpture found in 1897 at the La Alcudia site in Elche, Alicante, which represents a figure that could well be a Goddess, a priestess, or an aristocratic lady, but whose origin and dating has always been the subject of doubts and controversy that remains to this day. There is also no definitive answer about the use that was given to it, although it is believed that it could have been a cinerary urn, or about whether it was always a bust or a full-length sculpture.

In any case, the Lady of Elche, also sometimes called the Goddess of Elche, is a sculpture directly linked to the Iberian Peninsula that, although for a time it was exhibited in the Louvre in Paris, can be visited in the National Archaeological Museum of Madrid.

The Lady of Elche's cameo in Thor: Love and Thunder are almost imperceptible, but, as always happens with Marvel, even the smallest detail ends up being hunted by the most observant fans. And, of course, the finding has not gone unnoticed in Spain, where it has quickly become news. The apparition takes place in one of the scenes starring Thor, Jane, and Valkyrie in Omnipotence City, where the protagonists try to enlist the help of Zeus and the rest of the gods. In these scenes various gods and mythological creatures are represented and, indeed, the Lady of Elche was among them.

A piece of information confirmed by the film's costume designer Mayes C. Rubeo in an interview with the Motion Picture Association: "I made sure that everything was balanced in this world, with the same amount of male and female gods. Whenever I can, I will do that, I will put things in balance. We had a Lady of Elche, which is an anthropological find in the Iberian Peninsula".


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