Uranotaenia Lowii Mosquito – The Smallest Mosquito on the Earth

copyrightUranotaenia Lowii Mosquito – The Smallest Mosquito on the Earth
Mosquitoes are one of the insects that are blood lovers and they suck blood from many animals. Unfortunately, they also love to suck the blood of humans and spread many diseases including malaria. But there is a species of mosquitoes called uranotaenia lowii which is the smallest of all the mosquito species and doesn’t like to suck human blood.

Uranotaenia lowii mosquitoes are 2.5 mm long and love to suck the blood of amphibians such as a frog. They use their innate acoustic sensitivity to locate the correct spot on the amphibian’s body for sucking blood. Most of the population of these mosquitoes inhabit North Carolina, Texas, and Florida.


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