Trivikram Pan India sketch as Tamil star hero going to villain for Mahesh | 3Movierulz

copyrightTrivikram Pan India sketch as Tamil star hero going to villain for Mahesh | 3Movierulz

Currently, all the films made by Telugu filmmakers are being prepared for marketing at the Pan India level. Apart from small films, there are people who are interested in releasing a movie in Pan India if they think it is a model hero.

Superstar Mahesh Babu is making hits with a series of films. He had another amazing success when he came forward to the audience with the latest Sarkaru Vaari Paata movie. The film got a good talk despite being a bit embarrassing in terms of movie collections. Keerthi Suresh played the heroine in this movie directed by Parashurama. The film was co-produced by Maitri Movie Makers, 14 Reels Plus, and GMB Entertainment owned by Mahesh Babu.

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Mahesh Babu is currently on vacation. In a few days, he is going to launch a film directed by Trivikram. The film, which is shaping up to be the 28th film in Mahesh Babu's career, is already getting a lot of publicity. The heroine Pooja Hegde has already reached the final in this movie. Due to the lack of clarity on who else is acting in the film, various news about the film is emerging.

Recently another news item to the same extent emerged. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. It seems that Trivikram is being approached by Tamil star hero Vijay Sethupathi to play the villain in the film.

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As part of that, Vijay said that he was ready to negotiate with Sethupathi, but talks are not going on at the moment as the script is in the final stages, he may go closer and listen to the script together after the script is finalized. So Vijay Sethupathi can try to impress not only Telugu but also Tamil and Malayalam audiences when it comes to movies.

Trivikram also says that he thinks the market has a chance to grow to some extent with Vijay Sethupathi, who is well known to the trilingual audience. It remains to be seen whether this will ever be clarified. After the completion of this film, a film is to be made under the direction of Mahesh Babu Rajamouli. Already got the official announcement. But other things related to the movie did not come out.


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