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Hyper Aadi became famous as a comedian on television. Hyper Aadi, who completed his B.Tech and entered the television industry, received star status as a formidable comedian. However, it is known that Hyper Aadi is already embroiled in many controversies. Freshly embroiled in another controversy. Police arrested Aadi on the show for causing an accident. Recently Sridevi Drama Company promo was released. However, while the show was going on, Hyper Aadi came and was arrested by the police. This promo is currently doing the rounds.

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It is known that the comedy show `Sridevi Drama Company Promo` is being run by Anchor Rashmi as the host. Rashmi took over the anchoring responsibilities as the tornado was gone. Hyper Aadi is exploding punches as Rashmi's target. He is the highlight of this show. The punches he makes, and the punches he throws at him are now making everyone laugh. In the absence of Sudhir, Aadi and Ramprasad are sharing comedy by doing skits together.

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The latest promo for next Sunday has been released. The managers revealed shocking things in it. It is rumored that the police will come on stage together to arrest Hyper Aadi. And what happened next .. Hyper Aadi is dancing with a girl as part of the show. Shoki Jose brings in while singing duets. Meanwhile, police arrived on the set where the show was taking place. The police came in as if it was not the show crew anywhere on Sunday.

When the police arrived at the show, everything was in shock at once. Not to mention that the police climbed the stage in unison. Aadi was shocked to see this. Poorna, anchor Rashmi, Varsha, and Ramprasad, who are judges, did not understand what was happening there. Aadi had an accident with his car, the man is now very serious so Aadi will be arrested, police said. With this, the matter is now going viral on social media. But did the police really arrest Aadi? Otherwise, this is also a publicity stunt.


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