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copyright'Mad Max: Furiosa' A new journey begins in the saga, Chris Hemsworth on set - 3Movierulz

It seems that the filming of Mad Max: Furiosa, the prequel of the highly acclaimed Mad Max: Fury Road which featured Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron among its protagonists, has started. Now, however, there will be other stars in the film, and it is one of them to reveal that he is currently on the set: Chris Hemsworth.

The MCU actor will soon return to the big screen with the fourth installment of the Thunder God saga, Thor: Love and Thunder, but before we move on to Asgard, we need to take a trip to Australia, where Mad Max: Furiosa is already filming.

"A new journey in the Mad Max saga begins in FURIOUS" we read in fact in an Instagram post by Chris Hemsworth, who attaches this caption to the photo of a take.

We still have very few details on the film, other than the fact that it will tell the story of the character of Theron and that it will be set 15 before the events of Fury Road, but it seems that Chris Hemsworth plays the villain in Furiosa, at least according to some rumors that told of how George Miller was completely fascinated by the Australian actor.

Meanwhile, Miller himself spoke of Furiosa calling it "extremely familiar, but also different" from what fans of the film saga have so far. Mad Max: Furiosa will arrive in theaters in May 2024. SOURCE: VARIETY


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