Fast X Jason Momoa puts on a little belly and jokes: 'Italy, look what you did to me!'

copyrightFast X Jason Momoa puts on a little belly and jokes: 'Italy, look what you did to me!'

A couple of months ago, we learned that Jason Momoa underwent hernia surgery shortly before his 2022 Oscar appearance. At the time, the actor joked that he needed it because he was "getting old." but the surgery also made Jason Momoa worry as he was joining the cast of Fast X.

Apparently, the actor started shooting the 10th film of the franchise in Italy before he even got the green light to start training again. As a result, his "main body with a belly" has apparently returned.

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Jason Momoa was really super active while filming Fast X in Italy, hiring Hell's Angels to keep the paparazzi at bay and visiting as many attractions as possible. Another thing he apparently did was eat, and if a little belly is a small price to pay for great Italian food, then that's no problem.

While his work in Rome for Fast X has come to an end, the star has finally gotten the green light to return to the gym and has used the opportunity to say goodbye to the Italians and to express all his love for the Bel Paese.

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"Italy! Look what you've done to me! See all that love [points to belly]? ... I was a rock climber, and now I can barely do pull-ups. This is the official day I can train. It's been six weeks since I had surgery for my hernia. So, I tried to get back in shape this week and went back to work. "

Meanwhile, Rita Moreno has joined the cast of Fast and Furious 10. To say goodbye, we leave you with the latest photos of Jason Momoa and Brie Larson on the set of Fast X. SOURCE: CINEMABLEND


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