365 Days Movierulz - Watch 365 This Day 2022 Full Movie Review In 3Movierulz

copyright365 Days Movierulz - Watch 365 This Day 2022 Full Movie Review In 3Movierulz

365 Movierulz - Watch 365 This Day 2022 Full Movie Review In 3Movierulz 

It was predictable, given the roughness of the theme and the tastes of a large audience that as soon as "sniffs" something risque throws itself headlong into fruition. The success behind 365 Days, a Polish production where it was s*x that was the master, goes back to what only a few years earlier had guaranteed millionaire sales to the literary saga of 50 Shades and as many tickets ripped from the box office in its film transpositions.

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Also in this case we are faced with a trilogy born on paper and, after the exploitation of the first chapter, which became one of the most viewed films ever in the Netflix catalog - discover here the Netflix releases of May 2022 -, the construction of the two sequels was more than a given. And, like its predecessor, 365 This Day ended up getting the same response: on its debut, it made its debut at the top of the most viewed charts, but 365 This Day also scored 0 on Rotten Tomatoes; an almost unanimous contempt on the part of world critics. And as you will read in the next few lines, we too join the long list of negative reviews.

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The story picks up the two protagonists where we left them. Now Laura and Massimo, returning from a conflicted relationship with unsuspected ties in the familiar past, are married. She lost a child at the end of the previous film, but she hid from her future husband that she was pregnant, fearing her reaction after the baby was not born. Her confidant and best friend Olga has entered into a relationship with Domenico, Massimo's right arm, and everything seems to be going well.

But one evening, during a party, Laura discovers her partner in bed with another and in desperation she runs away from the event, accepting a ride from Nacho, the handsome gardener employed by her husband. Which obviously sets out on the trail of his missing wife, who has ended up in the center of an increasingly dangerous triangle ...

Indeed, there is never a limit to the worst, and 365 This Day is the most obvious example. If already the original (you can read the 365 days review here), highlighted more than evident limits, this sequel, if possible, is even lower, with an involuntary comedy that digs several times into pure trash and assorted vulgarity, are these plays on clichés or gratuitous eroticism that results in torrid and brutal sequences.

Because here eros is far from the classic charm but based on a sort of passionate and morbid violence that leaves little room for the imagination: even without integral performances of the intimate part, nothing is left to the imagination, and soon the game stove. We witness a mechanical reiteration of identical embraces, with sculpted muscles and female nudity that dominate much of the vision.

The plot would theoretically be ancillary were it not that, especially in the final part, it ends in ridicule, with a couple of twists that leave you astonished by the narrative forcing required, between twins and mafia bosses that pop up without a real reason, if not that of shuffling the cards within an otherwise defenseless story.

Jealousies and betrayals in the shadow of the Bel Paese, since the Sicilian setting in which the story takes place emerge several times with its suggestive seaside and coastal landscapes, with the areas in Syracuse and Catania to be the masters. Many of the dialogues themselves are also recited in the original version in our own idiom, with an involuntarily comic effect due to the diction of some of the cast members. Cast that naturally sees the return of the two main protagonists, Anna Maria Sieklucka and Michele Morrone, ready to love and hate each other again in this fair of horrors, ideologically inadmissible and cinematically nothing.

Between "self-quotations" that are rediscovered in the murky, improbable twists, not to say absurd, and the vulgar s*x that has little or no eros, 365 This Day, if possible, it turns out to be even worse than its predecessor. But anyhow, what attracts, in this case, is above all the nudity exhibited without reserve, which is diluted in a sort of censored pornography for the use and consumption of a voyeur public. Impossible to find other ideas within a slow and dilated narrative, shaken by revelations that voluntarily wallow in the trash without the awareness that even the ridiculous needs its dignity to be funny. The goal was once again achieved, with views that sent the film to the top of the Netflix charts, with all due respect to good taste and good cinema.


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